Hayward Flight is dedicated to provide quality aviation services. We have access to a large inventory of private aircraft operated by certified air carriers for your charter needs.

Let us enhance your business travel or guide on a sightseeing tour over San Francisco. If aerial photography is your passion, we will assist you in achieving your creative goals.

We make it happen, plan your trip today!

  • Wine Country
    There is absolutely no better way to see Napa's scenic wine country, fascinating views, at the world's finest vineyards.
  • Photography
    Whether filming a documentary, photographing commercial real estate, or simply taking a few shots of your home or estate, our skilled pilots will help you get precisely the shots you need.
  • San Francisco Bay Tour
    You haven't discovered San Francisco until you've seen it from the air! Hayward Flight is proud to operate the safest, most exciting all in one tour! Our commitment is to make your experience with us fun and memorable. You will get to fly at different angles and altitudes for a fascinating, scenic trip in one of the most popular places around the world!

Profesional Pilot Programs

Private Pilot

The Private Pilot license is the first certification each new pilot must accomplish. With the private pilot's license, the pilot may fly anywhere under visual flight conditions. A pilot can also fly passengers for nonprofit, and have access to any single engine aircraft with the appropriate ratings.

Instrument Rating

The Instrument Rating enables a certified pilot to fly by instruments and through bad weather conditions. The instrument rating is a great benefit to all pilots in case of weather restrictions. With the instrument rating aside, the limits to the sky are open and breathtaking.

Comercial License

The Commercial License is an important aspect of flight to pilots who consider making profit. This will include training in a complex aircraft that will suitably meet the responsibility of earning the license. With the license in hand, the pilot finally has the option to fly for hire.

Multi Engine Rating

The Multi Engine Rating allows a certified pilot to fly a twin engine airplane. This is an advantage to those who consider training for the airlines, as many companies will consider flight experience on an airplane with two engines. The minimum flight time required to earn this rating can be as little as ten hours.

Flight Instructor License

The Flight Instructor license will allow the pilot to educate a new generation of student pilots.

Rewarding enough, teaching people how to fly leads to great benefits and flight experience.

Airline Transport Pilot License (ATP)

The Airline Transport Pilot License (ATP) is the highest pilot rating. It will enable the applicant to fly as an airline transport pilot or an aircraft weighing more than 12,500 pounds. Most pilots trying to achieve their airline career will consider taking the course to prepare them for an airline career job.

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